US Tax

M&S is recognised as arguably Scotland's most knowledgeable and experienced US Tax specialists. We have a wide range of clients across the UK who find that our personable and highly professional service makes their lives easier and less stressful.

Although many US citizens and Green Card holders living overseas are not aware it, they are liable to US tax on worldwide income, regardless of their country of residence. Moreover, many planning strategies implemented for UK tax reasons, such as contributions to ISAs and making pension contributions, are not necessarily tax efficient for US tax purposes.

As well as providing US tax advice to our own clients, we often work with other professional advisers to assist them and their clients in ensuring that US tax return filing requirements are satisfied.

US Tax Return Preparation

We provide a professional US tax return preparation service, using our experience to report properly the interaction of US and overseas tax principles. We consider all reliefs available to ensure that your overall tax exposure is minimised.

This service can be provided on a stand alone basis or in conjunction with our UK Tax Return Preparation service.

US Tax Planning

We offer tax planning in a variety of areas, including US taxpayers looking for Business Set Up Advice, guidance on pension planning and advice on expatriation taxes.

Using our cross-border knowledge and experience in dealing with double tax treaties, we help clients to manage their worldwide tax exposure efficiently.

Dealing with IRS Audits

IRS Audits can be particularly invasive and worrying. Whilst in general the IRS will request a meeting with the taxpayer as part of the audit process, in many cases we have been successful in getting agreement that the audit can handled by correspondence alone.

We aim to relieve some of the stress of an audit by undertaking direct communication with the IRS, responding to the questions raised, with a view to concluding the audit as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Contact to arrange an initial consultation on any of these services.