Chartered Tax Advisers & Accountants


"We can't recommend M&S highly enough - for the past dozen years we've been able to concentrate on software development knowing that our accounts and payroll were in very capable hands.  And when we've needed specialist advice on taxation or company law, M&S has responded quickly using words we understand.  Their specialist advice has invariably proved to be sound, saving us time and money.  M&S is a fine team."

Garry Sherriff, Director

"Tayvista started working with M&S Accountancy and Taxation when our company was founded in 2011.  As a web development and consultancy company we were immensely impressed with M&S's knowledge and passion for cloud based accountancy solutions, specifically the product we use.  Since 2011 M&S has provided us with fantastic service and support so we would highly recommend M&S for their forward thinking, knowledge, advice, and value for money."

Craig Bousie, Director

"We first started doing business with M&S Accountancy and Taxation in 2006.  The main purpose was to provide expert help in preparing Income Tax Returns for our Japanese members of staff working in the UK.

In addition we asked them to review our payments of business expenses to ensure that our system was sound.

In both of these exercises I have found M&S Accountancy and Taxation to be helpful and pro active in highlighting changes to legislation affecting expatriate taxation."

Douglas Hughes, Director of Finance and Accounting

ECS Technology Limited

"M&S Accountancy and Taxation are always very responsive and I depend on them for my tax planning.  The tax laws have become so complicated and convoluted as HMRC seeks to stop tax avoidance.  What appears to be a normal business transaction may become an unexpected tax liability.  It pays to ask and get advice before doing anything even slightly unusual."

Norman Edgar, Managing Director

"M&S Accountancy and Taxation are a firm that are well known to CW Energy LLP as a result of having a number of mutual clients.

Our experience, based on feedback from our mutual clients, is that M&S provide a high quality value for money service.

Like CW Energy they have a background of "Big 4" qualified staff but as a small business can offer a more focussed service with clients having direct access to partners.

We have no hesitation in recommending M&S to any of our clients who require personal tax services for both UK and expat employees."

P Greatrex, Partner

David Cairns of Finavon

"I switched to M&S after being a client of one of the "Big 4" firms in the UK, Holland and the USA.  I found that I, personally, and my company were being treated more and more as a cog within a processing machine, resulting in lost opportunity, inefficient use of my time and ever-increasing fees for less and less benefit.

At M&S I have found highly qualified, seasoned practitioners in both UK and US matters who think seriously about the issues and opportunities, crafting options and making suggestions that allow me to take appropriate action with all the facts in view.  Better still, M&S then executes effectively with no fuss.  No question; one of my better moves!" 

David Cairns

"I’m exceptionally pleased with the work that Stewart and the tax team at M&S have completed on my behalf.  They have proved to be very valuable to me over the years providing professional services at a high level with very tangible results.  They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and have a friendly customer service to match.  I would be more than happy to recommend their services."

Pete Burns, Managing Director

"The switch to Xero has been a smooth one with good support form M&S Accountancy.  The direct link to our bank accounts has made reconciling quick and simple.  Being able to see overdue invoices, up and coming bills etc., it gives you good visiblilty of cashflow with real time information."

Julie Brown, Bookkeeper

"As an American expatriate who lived and worked in the UK for several years, the interaction between the two countries' systems had to be considered carefully to ensure that one did not end up with incorrect or wrong allocation of liabilities.

M&S Accountancy and Taxation have brought a clarity to my personal situation which I had not found before.  They are a small enough firm to be able to offer personal assistance, yet have enough in-house knowledge and influence to be able to solve complex problems to all parties' satisfaction.

Overall, a very professional, as well as personal and reassuring service."

Jerry Pursley

“Since being recommended Xero by Steven from M&S Accountancy & Taxation, I have found it an invaluable tool for bookkeeping and managing my accounts.  Coming from a technical industry out with financial work areas, I was very pleased to see how easy it was to handle and retrieve the relevant data I needed, as well as for a start-up to be very financially viable and supportive with the SaaS model.  The ability for my accountant to check via the cloud on my accounts makes life much easier for both of us and it has greatly helped my learning with bookkeeping also.  I can only, and have, recommended this to others for a great way to work with your company’s books and I’m very glad I was well informed of this product being on the market.”

Gregor Kent

Brian McBride Coachbuilder

“To a long term paper copy bookkeeper I was sceptical of the claimed benefits of using a system like Xero.  However I needed a more efficient way to keep my accounting records, so decided to give it a try.  I won’t make any claims that it was an instant switch from day one but I am now into my third year set of accounts.  I have now achieved a system that is currently working for my business.  It is a clever and functional tool.  I don’t think it is expensive when you compare it to the cost of the other accounting software packages on the market.  It is definitely an asset to my business."

Brian McBride

"Having been an ardent fan of SAGE for many years I was dubious about the “all singing all dancing” accounts package of XERO and wasn’t keen to change – better the devil you know and I felt comfortable with SAGE!  However, when transferred over to XERO I cannot understand why I didn’t change sooner! – the layout is extremely user friendly and having previously always found an excuse to avoid getting round to doing my accounts I am actually enjoying using the software.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone thinking of changing and cannot find any fault with the software whatsoever."

Suzi Paton