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My Making Tax Digital Blog, Part VI, in which we wonder what will happen next…

Published On: 31/05/2017

Over the last few months, we’ve seen a Conservative government clobbering not just small businesses in general but also, I suspect, many of its natural supporters amongst the self-employed - not just with MTD but also with the (quickly abandoned) NIC hike and, most disastrously for many (yes, including me), the increase in the amount to be paid under the flat-rate VAT scheme.

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Will The Sun Shine?

Published On: 26/05/2017

With just one week to go until our fourth annual charity golf event, we are hoping the weather will be as superb as it is today, particularly as the weather gods were not so kind last year.

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Two Weeks To Go

Published On: 19/05/2017

This time in two weeks, our fourth annual charity golf event in aid of Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS) and Prevention of Young Suicide (Papyrus) will be in full swing!  Will anyone have claimed the hole-in-one prize of a brand new car?

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My Making Tax Digital, Blog Part V, it’s going to cost you…!

Published On: 16/05/2017

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is underway now, with the pilot up and running, albeit the government have admitted they are being too hasty and have knocked everything back a year.  But how much is it going to cost you, as a small (or SME) self-employed businessperson not currently using some form of acceptable software?

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Promotion News

Published On: 08/05/2017

We are delighted to announce that our Tax Manager, Wendy Cheung, has been promoted to Senior Tax Manager.

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My Making Tax Digital Blog, Part IV, which software solution is right for you (and me)?

Published On: 02/05/2017

If you were with me last time, I finished my last blog by noting that the cloud accounting software supplier XERO are advertising rather a lot on the radio at the moment.  Fair enough, they recognise that there is likely to be a lot more interest in their product in the next few months as small businesses realise that they will almost certainly have to do something about Making Tax Digital.  However, the fact that they are not taking part in the HMRC pilots (which is what HMRC told me) does make me think they are piggy-backing on everyone else’s efforts.

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