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Not submitted your tax return yet? Daily penalties apply 1 May 2014

Published On: 29/04/2014

If you have yet to submit your return for the tax year ended 5 April 2013, and have not done so by 1 May 2014, HM Revenue and Customs will start to impose a £10 daily penalty on the return.

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Cloud Accounting – whats in it for you and me? (Part I)

Published On: 25/04/2014

I am a client of M&S and have been for a few years now.  When they told me about Cloud Accounting I was initially sceptical, partly on the understandable grounds of security.  However, it was pointed out that I have been using online banking for many years, and it’s simply not in the interests of the big cloud accounting companies to get their software wrong: their entire business is dependent on it being 100% safe and they would go bust very quickly if their users’ security was compromised.  

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M&S Charity Golf Day

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New Tax Year Approaches

Published On: 03/04/2014

A new tax year approaches bringing new rates, allowances and penalty regimes.  

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Corporation Tax News

Published On: 01/04/2014

Today sees the start of the Corporation Tax (CT) financial year and also a reduction in the main CT rate to 21%.  For smaller companies with taxable profits of less than £300,000 the CT rate reduces to 20%.

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Budget 2014: What’s New and Changing

Published On: 01/04/2014

Here is our synopsis of what’s and changing after the 2104 Budget ....

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