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The Autumn Statement - A New Chancellor but Nothing Different

Published On: 24/11/2016

The 2016 Autumn Statement marked the first statement delivered by Chancellor Philip Hammond but, despite this, served mainly to confirm old news that changes already announced would take place, rather than introduce anything significant.

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Autumn Statement 2016

Published On: 23/11/2016

In terms of tax announcements we can only describe it as

 Boring Autumn Statement 2016





Nothing at all on Making Tax Digital despite previous commitments.  A more detailed analysis of the few changes announced will follow shortly.

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A New President – What Does It Mean For US Tax Rates?

Published On: 09/11/2016

So the US now has a new President-elect with the plan to, “Make America Great Again”.  Part of this will include his tax reform plan and with the Republicans retaining control of both Congress and the Senate these plans could well be implemented with minimal change.  Briefly the tax reform plan sets out the following:

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Making Tax Digital Consultation Closes

Published On: 04/11/2016

The idea of Making Tax Digital was first mooted in the 2015 Autumn Statement with the announcement that the Government wanted to replace the annual tax return with some form of quarterly accounting for the self-employed, landlords and partnerships.  Limited company obligations will also follow.  As more and more people become aware of this "quarterly reporting", concern is growing as to how this will impact on the self-employed.  


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Tax and Accountants - the Diary of a small businessman...

Published On: 03/11/2016

Post-Halloween scare stories – aka, is this 4x4 tax returns really going to cost me nearly three grand each year?

(continuing the diary of a small businessman and his attempts to understand our tax system)…

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