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Autumn Statement – Instantly Forgettable?

Published On: 27/11/2015

For many there is no doubt that very welcome relief would be derived from the announcement that the severe cuts to tax credits considered vital only a few weeks ago will no longer be required.  Once again though it does bring into focus the reliability of the OBR (Office of Budget Responsibility) who have in the space of only a few months found that their calculations were wrong to the tune of £27 billion and if so, how much reliance should be placed on them still being correct by the time of the Budget next March?

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Autumn Statement 2015 – At A Glance

Published On: 27/11/2015

Tax Rates and Allowances

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Autumn Statement 2015

Published On: 25/11/2015

Chancellor George Osborne earlier today presented the 2015 Autumn Statement.  Surprisingly he talked about tax for less than a minute.  Even what has followed in the documents released after his speech has not produced much of any significance in relation to tax.  Unlike previous years there has been no midnight deadline to beat for transactions that have been perceived to comprise aggressive tax avoidance.

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Baby News

Published On: 20/11/2015

We wish to offer our congratulations to our Business Services Manager, Steven Mackie, and our Assistant Tax Manager, Louise Smith, on the recent birth of their gorgeous baby daughter, Lily.

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Internet Security

Published On: 16/11/2015

There has been a lot of negative press recently surrounding internet security and the safeguarding of our personal information on line, particularly our bank accounts.

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Success with the Cloud

Published On: 12/11/2015

Thank you to everyone who attended our Fife Business Week “Success with the Cloud” event on Tuesday.  We know from the feedback we have received that you found it informative and enjoyable.

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A free event to help you reduce the time you spend on your accounts.

Published On: 05/11/2015

An invitation to attend our free event on how cloud accounting can help you make more time for your business by allowing you to spend fewer, more productive, hours on your accounts.

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