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Employment Status

Published On: 25/11/2014

As a follow up to some coverage on this topic a couple of weeks ago, the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published a series of questions as part of its employment status review.  Unfortunately this does not cover the hot topic of IR35 legislation.

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Gift Aid

Published On: 25/11/2014

HMRC have published a report entitled Gift Aid: Understanding Donor Behaviour to examine the reasons for, and barriers to, gift aid use.

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#APowerTooFar – Welcome News

Published On: 24/11/2014

It is welcome news that the Government has announced it is to revise its proposals for the Direct Recovery of Debt from taxpayer’s bank accounts, with one major concession being the introduction of face to face meetings with taxpayers disputing DRD, before any money is taken.

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US Citizens Living Overseas Are Still Liable To US Tax ….

Published On: 21/11/2014

….this even applies even to Boris Johnson.

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Free conversion to Xero expires 31 December

Published On: 20/11/2014

Change to Xero online accounting software for free until 31 December.

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DO NOT OPEN: Beware HMRC spam emails

Published On: 17/11/2014

Spam emails, claiming to come from HMRC, are circulating again, but in reality they are scams coming from cyber criminals after your money, and should be deleted immediately.

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Free conversion to Xero

Published On: 11/11/2014

Free conversion to Xero is back by popular demand.

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