Chartered Tax Advisers & Accountants


Graduate Tax Traineeship

Published On: 10/05/2018

M & S Accountancy and Taxation Ltd (M&S), Fife’s leading firm of Chartered Tax Advisers, are looking for a tax trainee to join their highly skilled tax department. 

This is a tremendous opportunity to start a career in the exciting world of tax in a friendly and supportive environment where you will be encouraged and required to sit professional tax exams.

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Making Tax Digital - what’s happening next?

Published On: 15/03/2018

I received an email from a lady who seemed to work for HMRC, asking me to participate in an online session about software choices for MTD. She didn’t know that I had been previously involved in this project and also assumed I didn’t know much, if anything, about MTD. When it became clear that I did, we proceeded to the main purpose of the call, which was to ask my opinion about a range of services that might be available online as part of the MTD service from HMRC.


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Only a few days to go to file your tax return or you may face a fine (or may not?)

Published On: 29/01/2018

The deadline for getting your tax return to HMRC is 31st January. If you are a client of M&S then you’ll know this and will almost certainly either already have had your return scrutinised by us and submitted, or will be in the final stages of doing this (and don’t worry, we’ll make sure it’s OK).

However, every year, thousands of people across the UK fail to get their return in before the deadline.

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Not recommended tax excuses, but nonetheless amusing!

Published On: 18/01/2018

As accountants and tax specialists, we occasionally have clients who ask us, how can I put this, “challenging” questions. We bow to nobody in our desire to help our clients pay only the tax they owe, however, often their questions (a recent example was “can I claim on the summerhouse I’m having built if I say I’ll use it as an office?”) bring a wry smile to the lips

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