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Ignorance is no excuse (says the IRS) … make sure you’re not caught out!

Published On: 20/01/2016

Many US Citizens and Green Card holders living outside the US are not aware they have to file annual US tax returns as well as reports of foreign bank accounts, to say nothing of other information forms such as reporting certain gifts from foreign sources or interests in foreign companies.

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What? It’s time for my US tax return – again?!

Published On: 15/01/2016

We’ve just had ‘the season to be jolly/happy Christmas/holidays’, but now the ‘tax season’ is upon us again and consequently we’ve been contacting clients to gather the information they – and we – need for their 2015 tax returns.  It’s, literally, a taxing time for many!

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Christmas Closure Arrangements

Published On: 21/12/2015

Please note that our offices will close at 5.30pm on Christmas Eve, for the festive period, and will re-open at 9.00 am on Tuesday 5 January 2016.

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Introduction of Scottish Income Tax May Be Delayed

Published On: 01/12/2015

The Scotsman have recently published the following article which highlights some of the concerns we expressed to HMRC as part of their consultation process on the switch to the Scottish income tax system, and emphasises that this process is too complex and time should be taken to get it right before introduction.

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Update your Calendar – Changes to the FBAR Deadline

Published On: 18/08/2015

Foreign Bank Accounts Reports (FBARs) are due to be filed at the latest by 30 June each year – with no extension to that deadline.  So if you haven’t filed your 2014 FBAR, then it is already late!

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FBARs – Action Required by 30 June

Published On: 19/05/2015

A US citizen, Green Card holder or US resident alien who had more than $10,000 in total in non US bank accounts at any point during 2014 must file a Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) by 30 June 2015.

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15 June Deadline

Published On: 19/05/2015

US taxpayers generally have an automatic extension until 15 June to file their tax returns.

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Non-Doms – Do The Politicians Know What They Are Talking About?

Published On: 10/04/2015

Amidst the ongoing debate over election plans to scrap the non-dom tax status, having listened to the politicians on this, it is clear they don’t understand what is meant by non-dom, or the tax liability a current non-dom might incur if a change is implemented.

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IRS Budget Cuts

Published On: 16/01/2015

Anyone who has tried to contact the IRS by phone will know just how difficult and time consuming this can be.

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For Better or Worse??

Published On: 16/12/2014

Scotland’s new law on same sex marriages came into effect today and will impact upon US taxpayers using this new law.

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