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Off-Payroll Working Reform – Necessary Regulation or a Tax Grab?

Published On: 09/07/2019

The final consultation on the government’s plan to introduce off-payroll working reform to the private sector closed on 28 May 2019, the results of which will be used when drafting the legislation to be included in this year’s Budget and which will apply from 6 April 2020.  Although this has not provided total clarity over the substantial changes that will apply in less than 10 months’ time, it gives a reasonable indication of how HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) plan on implementing the reform.

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Eight taxing minutes is four minutes too long …

Published On: 12/01/2018

Like most businesses, accountants have peaks and troughs throughout the year. In our case, as one of Scotland’s very few experts on US tax, we move from US tax deadlines to UK tax deadlines... It does mean that the December/January period is probably our two busiest months of the year and it can be frantic at times.

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