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Published On: 15/12/2017

Amidst the headlines of all the new tax rates and who will and won’t be better off, there probably won’t be many who will feel too much sympathy for tax advisers.  However following the changes announced yesterday, those of us advising Scottish taxpayers will now be dealing with one of the most complex tax systems in Europe.

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Tax Thresholds

Published On: 15/12/2017
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Scottish Budget 2017

Published On: 14/12/2017

This afternoon, the most significant changes in recent times to the Scottish Income tax system were announced.  These were much wider ranging than anticipated and will, in addition to having a direct impact on the finances of Scottish taxpayers, undoubtedly add a huge amount of complexity to the calculation of tax liabilities for many of our clients due to the way these new rates will interact with other taxes that are still under the direct control of the UK Treasury.

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Sometimes, HMRC isn’t what it appears to be…

Published On: 04/12/2017

I got a scam email the other day.  It’s shown below.  On the face of it, this looks like it might be real.  The colours used, the tone, the language; they all seem plausible.  Then there is the promise of a rebate from HMRC, not too large so as to seem obviously a scam, but just a couple of hundred pounds, an amount that would make a nice difference, especially with Christmas coming up.

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Autumn Budget 2017 - At A Glance

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Autumn Budget 2017 - For What It's Worth!

Published On: 24/11/2017

As announced earlier this year, there will now only be one Budget each year (instead of the 2, and sometime 3, fiscal events that have been experienced over the years).  We expect future budgets may contain a bit more detail on tax.  On a positive note, we now know what will be the position for the rest of this tax year, as well as certainly the first half of the 2019 tax year.  However, despite the significance of being the only budget for a 12-month period, the Chancellor played it fairly safe. 

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Autumn Budget 2017 - A Lesson Learned?

Published On: 22/11/2017

Following the debacle of the March 2017 Budget and the shredding of election promises, in this historic first Autumn Budget, the Chancellor went out of his way to avoid any potential pitfalls.  Indeed he may even have felt that it was bit of crowd pleaser with announcements, amongst other things, on more money for the NHS, tackling some of the perceived tax abuse by the multi-nationals, higher tax thresholds and help for first time buyers.


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Thank You!

Published On: 08/11/2017

We would like to say thank you to everyone who attended our free Fife Business Week seminar earlier today on How To Pay Less Tax.

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Who wants to pay less tax - Fife Business Week, Free Seminar

Published On: 26/10/2017

Who wants to pay less tax?

HMRC's job is to collect all the tax you are liable to pay.  Our job is to make sure that you don't pay a penny more than that.  Yet many small (and quite a few large) businesses pay too much tax, partly because they are so busy concentrating on making money that they don't always attend to the areas where they can save money.

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Silent Auction

Published On: 01/06/2017

We are delighted to say that we have 76 people due to play in our charity golf day tomorrow so a huge thanks to everyone who is participating and those who have already donated prizes or provided sponsorship.


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