Why employers and students might have to wait EVEN LONGER to get through to HMRC

First published on 15 May 2023 by Alastair
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With the volume of tax communications between HMRC and its ‘customers,’ it is inevitable that there will be disputes about whether tax is due or not, what is the correct amount to pay and, of course, just the daily grind of businesses calling up HMRC on the phone for PAYE guidance. 

If you fall into one of these categories, be aware that HMRC staff in East Kilbride and Newcastle who work on employer PAYE began their strike last week and it will continue until next month. The first stoppage began last Thursday (10th) and is scheduled to last over the following dates:

10th-12th May 

15th-19th May

22nd-26th May 

29th-31st May, and 

1st and 2nd June. 

This means that employers who are in dispute with HMRC are facing delays as a result of this action, which will disrupt HMRC’s employer helpline and web chat services and cause “severe” ­disruption to its student loans unit, according to the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union.  The union said that 19,000 of its members are on the national minimum wage and claim they have not been handed a proper pay rise for 13 years. They have asked for a 10pc salary rise.

Vivian Linstrom, M&S Accountancy and Taxation Ltd

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