This heavy metal stuff gets everywhere (even into our Accounts team!)

First published on 18 January 2022 by Alastair
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if you were with us for our last 60 second interview, you'll recall that Ashley Marshall confessed to a liking for heavy metal music.  It seems this is a popular theme at M&S Accountancy & Taxation, because Paul Mollison shares it too - and, like Ashley, he's also partial to an Indian meal...


Paul MollisonName: Paul Mollison

Department: Accounts

Job title: Client Manager

Describe your work at M&S 
Managing the accounts production process.
Supervising and assisting the accounts team.
Liaising with the clients regarding their accounts
and other matters.

Biggest influence on your career?
Probably one of my lecturers at college, John Donnachie, who had a great enthusiasm for accountancy, particularly in practice and put me on the path of the workplace choices that I’ve stuck with since 1986.

What is your favourite place to go for a meal or a drink?
Jasmine Indian Resturant, Glenrothes

Favourite sports/leisure activity?
Dog walking / golf / learning guitar

Favourite holiday (pre-pandemic)?
Verona, Italy 

Favourite holiday (post pandemic)?
Only had one! Harrogate, Yorkshire 

If you were in charge of M&S for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?
Start a regular night out/meal to let everyone socialise outwith work.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us!?
Big fan of heavy metal music, I’ve met both Alice Cooper and the members of Kiss.


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