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First published on 11 February 2020 by Alastair
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11 March 2020 - Budget
30 March 2020 - Gender pay gap reporting for public sector employers
1 April 2020 - National Living Wage increases from £8.21 to £8.72 per hour (workers aged 25+)
4 April 2020 - Gender pay gap reporting for private sector employers
5 April 2020 - Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP), Shared Parental Pay (ShPP) and Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP) increases from £148.68 to £151.20 per week
6 April 2020 - Statutory sick pay (SSP) increases from £94.25 to £95.85 per week
6 April 2020 - Cap on a week's pay expected to increase (used to calculate redundancy payments)
6 April 2020 - Right to a Statement of main terms (SMT) - the provision of SMTs becomes a day one right for both employees and workers
6 April 2020 – IR35 for private sector begins. The full details of this are not yet known as there is a government review, reporting after 20th Feb 2020.
6 April 2020 - Agency workers will have a right to receive a key information document to allow them to make informed choices about the work they accept
April 2020 - Parental bereavement leave becomes effective in April 2020. Although no exact date or rate has been confirmed yet, we know that qualifying parents will be entitled to two weeks of paid leave following the death of a child under the age of 18.

These rates and dates are correct at the time of writing but may be subject to change.

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