Reporting Property Sales to HMRC - Gain Calculation Checklist

First published on 28 September 2020 by Alastair
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Gain Calculation Checklist

Proceeds Details


When was the completion/settlement date (if this has passed)?


How much has the property been sold for / intended to sell for?


Did / will you incur any costs in relation to the sale, for example solicitors’ fees)?  Is so, what were these costs?


Cost Details


When did you purchase the property?


What was the purchase price?


Did you incur any costs in relation to the purchase, for example solicitors’ fees)?  If so, what were these costs?


Have you carried out any improvements to the property since it was purchased (for example fitting an improved kitchen or bathroom)? Please note that this does not cover any general repairs, such as maintenance or decoration.

 Is so, how much were the costs associated with these?





Potential Reliefs




Was the property ever your main residence? If so;

When did you first move in?

When did you move out permanently?

Have you had periods when you have not lived in the property prior to moving out permanently?


Did you ever let out the property?  If so, when was the property let?







Have you sold or disposed of any other chargeable assets since 6 April 2020, and do you intend to sell any other assets prior to 5 April 2021?


If so, what is the estimated gain or loss you expect to make on these assets.


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