M&S Accountancy and Taxation Update – Count on us to be here for you

First published on 24 March 2020 by Alastair
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In what are clearly very difficult circumstances, I’m pleased to be able to say that M&S Accountancy and Taxation is continuing to provide a full range of services to our clients.

That said, in the current circumstances, the most important thing is, of course, the health of our staff and indeed our clients, families and friends. We have the same range of people that all businesses have – some with young families, most with ageing parents and all with responsibilities and a need to keep body and soul together.  To that end, we are striving hard to make work, even if it’s at home, as normal as possible - although obviously many key staff are currently having to educate and entertain their children at home. Nonetheless, you can count on us to be here for you when you need us.

You can contact us by phone or email as normal, but given that we will only have a few key staff working in our office (social distancing in separate rooms!) there may, of course, be the occasional delay in responding, so please bear with us. 

To help us to help you, please use our generic email address office@msactax.co.uk as we can guarantee that your message will be seen promptly.

Otherwise, there is a risk that the person you are trying to reach (who is perhaps attempting to teach their child maths at that time!), may not see it quickly enough.  By using the generic email address, we will be alerted and then will get in touch with whichever one of our colleagues you were trying to reach.

We know that as the government ramps up its measures to help businesses get through this, many firms will need professional advice more than ever just now.   If you need to contact us, whether it’s because your accounts need done, you want advice on accessing the government’s loans/grants or paying your staff, or simply because there is some financial aspect of your business that worries you in the current climate, we are here to help.

As more information becomes available from the government, we shall continue to update you.  If, in the meantime, you have any questions about the government schemes and what they mean for you as a business owner or private individual, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stewart McKinnon and Catherine Sinclair, Directors, M&S Accountancy & Taxation Ltd.


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