IR35 postponed - our webinar now cancelled.

First published on 18 March 2020 by Alastair
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You'll know by now that the government has decided to postpone the implementation of the roll-out of IR35 to the private sector for a year.  With self-employed contractors and businesses of all types increasingly affected by the rapidly changing economic conditions, this was the only sensible course of action.

We support the delay for many reasons, but principal amongst these is that  many employers were simply not ready, even as the 6th April loomed, and with impact of the coronavirus it was, as the government has recognised, too much for everyone.

What this means is that there is no immediate change in the way in which businesses engage with limited company contractors. In other words, the determination as to status inside or outside IR35  remains with the contractor. The end client is no longer required to make this determination. 

It's important to say that we don't think this is going away.  The chief secretary to the Treasury has been quoted today as saying, "This is a deferral not a cancellation and the government remains committed reintroducing this policy." 

Finally, it does also mean that, for obvious reasons, our joint webinar with CWjobs, Be-IT and Talent International has now been cancelled, although if necessary we will resurrect it again in year's time.  

Stewart McKinnon, Director

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