BEYOND EXPECTATIONS (Why M&S new venture is good news for clients at home and abroad)

First published on 09 August 2021 by Alastair
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M&S Accountancy & Taxation has joined forces with IR Global, a leading group of multi-disciplinary professional services firms that provide accountancy, legal and financial services to clients across the globe.  With 1,224 members, covering 92 practice areas in 161 jurisdictions, IR Global is the perfect vehicle the high-quality boutique and mid-market firms (like M&S) that offer partner-led, bespoke advice to meet almost any mix of complex or simple client requirements.

M&S Director, Stewart McKinnon, said, “we are delighted to be accepted into membership of IR Global.  We have been looking for some time for a global partner organisation who will help us diversify our offer and bring in more international business.  The fact that we have had to pass their strict vetting process, which is based not just on the quality of the services we offer but also the character of the individuals we employ, is testament to the quality of the team here at M&S. 

“Over the next few weeks and months, we shall be doing more to introduce the members of our company, via profiles and interviews on our website, focusing on every area of the business, both accounting and tax.

One of the key advantages of the IR Global network is that each member firm has its own areas of specialism within the country or countries in which it operates.  For M&S clients, this means that the range and depth of advice we can bring you, not just in accounting and tax but also in legal and financial matters, will be substantially extended.  If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch with me or your regular contact at M&S.

Chris Leslie, Tax Senior, M&S Accountancy and Taxation Limited



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