Tax Planning

Hands up if your business really understands tax? No, didn’t think so!

Far too many individuals and businesses worry about getting their tax wrong. That said, it is important to remember that HMRC exists to collect all the tax that is due – but not a penny more or less. Our job is to make sure that you get it right. And the depth and breadth of our expertise and experience in taxation means you can be sure that our advice will be sound and reliable, and that where we can save you money legitimately, we will do so.

This means working to get to know your business: what makes it tick; how it is structured and what your personal objectives are, as well as those of your company. For some, this may mean simply preparing an annual tax return. For others, detailed advisory work is crucial to planning future transactions and creating a short term or longer-term strategy.

VAT Planning

For all VAT-registered businesses, especially when setting up or buying a new business or group of businesses, it’s important to consider every aspect of VAT and how it might impact on your operation. M&S can help by reviewing your situation and providing guidance to aid your VAT planning as well as dealing with any VAT investigations and assisting with HMRC dispute resolution and tribunal work.

More specifically, we can advise on: optimal VAT schemes for your business; partial exemption and capital goods schemes; VAT implications for business sales and acquisitions; the purchase, sale and development of land and property, whether commercial or residential; and EU and international VAT transactions, including e-business.

R&D Tax Credits

Many businesses don’t realise that R&D Tax Relief is available for them and can result in significant tax savings and refunds for successful claims.  Our qualified tax professionals have used their expertise to successfully claim back almost £2 million  of tax credits for clients in the last year.  To date, we have had no claim refused by HMRC as we invest time at the outset to ensure the claim is robust and will withstand their scrutiny.

For more details, please read our detailed blog post, covering “what qualifies as R&D?”, “What can be claimed?”, and, of course, “Is it worth it?”  If you are interested in finding out more on how your company may benefit from this invaluable tax relief we would be delighted to speak or meet with you on a no obligation basis.